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Make birthday happier with cake delivery in Bangalore

Make birthday happier with cake delivery in Bangalore

We love our birthdays because it is one guaranteed day of celebration for us. Oh, and it also marks the day we came into this world. But birthday is not worth it if not spent with the loved ones. Nothing would make the people you care about happier than your presence on the special day. But sometimes, it is just not possible; which is why we have cakes. Birthday cakes are to birthdays like Tom Cruise is to "Mission Impossible": you cannot imagine one without the other. So if your friend in Bangalore has a birthday approaching, here is how to send online cakes to Bangalore to make it even better:

1) Devil's Food
Okay, the name is intriguing enough. Is the cake good enough too? Yes, it is. Devil's food (thus named because of being the supposedly counterpart of the Angel's food) is a moist fantasy with multiple rich layers of chocolate. It might look like any other chocolate cake, but that's where you are wrong. The airy texture completed with delicious frostings make this cake a wonder to behold. If you want to send cakes to Bangalore, better go with the best one.

2) Red Velvet
If you want to see the best  send birthday  cake delivery in Bangalore can offer you, look no further. If it is the birthday of your significant other, nothing gets more romantic than this. Found in any "cakes for valentine" list, this delicacy is equally good for birthdays. The delicious mixture of buttermilk, butter and cocoa is enough to make anyone fall in love with it, but this is not all. The layers of chocolate covered with the cream cheese frostings make it taste like heaven in the mouth. And not to forget, the bright red appearance is a treat to the eyes.

3) Italian Buttercream
Apart from the pizza, one more thing that the Italians did right is the Italian buttercream. If you love the regular buttercreams, wait till you taste this beauty. Or even better, go for the cake that is made with it. With soft dough made from the love of Italian buttercream, it weds the luscious heavy dark chocolate to make a pure sin of desire. 

4) Oreo Cake
Okay, so we had too many romantic cakes in the list; let's go with something fun. Speaking of fun, do you remember the fun childhood that had lots of Oreo in it? Well, it just got better with the Oreo cake. The crunchiness of Oreo meets the lust of chocolate, and you get a perfect cake that can make any birthday special.