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Butter Scotch Cake (BG00473)

Butter Scotch Cake to Bangalore

No celebration is complete without a cake!  Send a yummy Butter Scotch Cake to the one you love. Share your feelings and celebrate their birthday/anniversary together with a freshly baked cake consisting of layers of sponge cake, gooey caramel, and chunks of butterscotch. The cake is beautifully iced with cream and butterscotch chunks.
Butter Scotch Cake delivery in Bangalore
 can be done within 3-5 hours.

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  • 1/2 Kg 599
  • 1 Kg 1049
  • 2 Kg 1999
Eggless (Rs. 50 Extra)
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* In case the "Receiver Address" is out side the city/town limits, extra delivery charges might be applicable. Our Customer Care Team will contact the sender in such cases before Processing the order.

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