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Fondant Cake (BG001272)

Fondant Cake to Bangalore

Online Fondant Cake Delivery Bangalore

Please send in your Picture for the fondant cake to support@bengalurugifting.com

Need atleast 48 hours advance notice for delivery. Please check availability in your area before placing the order. You can reach us at +91 11 8130995751 or contact our customer care on Live Chat

  • 1.5 Kg Fondant Cake 3750
  • 2 Kg Fondant Cake 5000
  • 3 Kg Fondant Cake 7500
Please Do not Prefix 0 or +91

* In case the "Receiver Address" is out side the city/town limits, extra delivery charges might be applicable. Our Customer Care Team will contact the sender in such cases before Processing the order.

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